Month: August 2019

Planning a Wedding: Transportation Needs

When planning a wedding, timing is of the essence. Being thorough is important. However, procrastination will cause you to lose a choice limo company. Securing a reputable transportation service is important and it should be done early in the wedding planning process. Waiting until the last minute means losing out on a top-notch company. Instead of renting the standard black limo, be creative and check out all available styles and sizes. Limousines come in all colors, types, and sizes. The large party buses are fun for the younger crowd. Be very specific about the details, such as the color, type, and size of a limousine that you desire to rent. Conduct thorough research and review several companies. Most people neglect to scrutinize the details involved with car rentals such as deposit money, insurance cost, and the fee structure, i.e., per hour or per day. You will want to check the limo company’s safety records.

Hire a local limo company. If the company charges travel time, this trick will save time and money. Ask about years in service, the type of services offered, and their service specialties. Do they specialize in providing limos for weddings? Check with the Better Business Bureau about their business reputation. Secure proof of insurance coverage, a valid business license, services offered as guaranteed, and any discounts offered. The company’s business license should be valid for the state where the business is located. Avoid using disreputable companies that do not provide proof of insurance and a valid business license. Trust your instincts, and if you are unsure about any company, find another reputable limo service.

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Ensure that the written agreement includes details such as the make, model, year, and plate for each limo rented. Check that information for every limo rented for the wedding. The contract should list all charges (including all surcharges and taxes). The contract should list all services to be provided and all guarantees offered by the company.

Get all of the details in writing. Before you sign a contract, be sure that you are satisfied with your decision. You will spend a lot of money to rent a limo so pay for only what is listed in the rental contract. Don’t let the limo company tack on extra charges. Before signing a rental contract, settle on the exact price and whether you will need to pay extra money to tip the drivers. Ask whether the tip is included in the contracted charges. Make sure that you don’t pay twice for tipping the drivers. Avoid cheap rental prices used to attract customers and bait and switch deals. Sometimes, cheaper prices can lead to substandard service. You want the most value for your contracted price. Generally, you get what you pay for concerning securing a quality limousine service. Protect your investment with a solid written contract. Your wedding day is an important time in your life. Double check important details. To make it memorable, ensure that you receive the best service on this very important day.