There are a lot of warning signs that could come with your roof needing replacement. It usually gets even worse as time goes by. So, most of the time— getting a new roof is planned out and thought ahead (we hope!)

As much as it’s convenient to just hire the first roofers knocking on your door— you have way more options than that. To get the work quality and overall outcome that you want, you gotta make sure you do everything by the book. And that includes the little details.

Before you get right on it, we’ll give you a rundown on what you might need to know before you get your new roof. Take these factors into consideration before giving the go signal for a roof installation.

Look Around

Some DIYers might want to install their roof themselves (read: highly dangerous), while some homeowners might want to hire a roofing company for the job. In that case, don’t settle for the first roofing company you see in the search results.

Look around for all the legitimate, licensed roofers in your locality. You can browse through online reviews. You can even get referrals from your neighbors so you can see first hand the quality a company provides for their clients— and if they’re as reliable as they say they are!

Get those Signatures

The contractors must have a building permit so that they could work on your home. Their insurance company should also state the warranty of the roof installation.

Adding to that, they also hand you a contract of what exactly their roofing entails. Read carefully, and make sure you read the fine print. If you’re not sure about something, you can address it to them. Don’t let yourself get swindled either way!

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Roofing Materials

It wouldn’t hurt to research a bit on the type of material that’s best for you and your home. After all, it’ll protect it for decades. Prices might shock you, but quality is definitely not something you should skimp on.

The roofing contractors might be able to help you with this dilemma, since they know the area— and the type of material that works best with your area’s weather.

Roof Removal

Ask the company that you’re working with if they’re planning to get rid of the whole roof structure. Generally, it’s better to have the roof completely replaced than just replacing the shingles.

There might be spots in the structure itself that are damaged, and roofing without complete removal could just be slapping a band-aid to the problem.

It Could Get Loud

There’s no other way to describe it. Roof installations could get loud. Really loud.

You might want to be as far away as possible from the house when work commences. Especially if you have a baby, or a family member sensitive to loud sounds. Tell your neighbors the inconveniences they might face in the following days. All in all, there’s not much you can do about it, really. You really can’t tell the roofer to tone it down a notch— so best be prepared instead.

Planning a Wedding: Transportation Needs

When planning a wedding, timing is of the essence. Being thorough is important. However, procrastination will cause you to lose a choice limo company. Securing a reputable transportation service is important and it should be done early in the wedding planning process. Waiting until the last minute means losing out on a top-notch company. Instead of renting the standard black limo, be creative and check out all available styles and sizes. Limousines come in all colors, types, and sizes. The large party buses are fun for the younger crowd. Be very specific about the details, such as the color, type, and size of a limousine that you desire to rent. Conduct thorough research and review several companies. Most people neglect to scrutinize the details involved with car rentals such as deposit money, insurance cost, and the fee structure, i.e., per hour or per day. You will want to check the limo company’s safety records.

Hire a local limo company. If the company charges travel time, this trick will save time and money. Ask about years in service, the type of services offered, and their service specialties. Do they specialize in providing limos for weddings? Check with the Better Business Bureau about their business reputation. Secure proof of insurance coverage, a valid business license, services offered as guaranteed, and any discounts offered. The company’s business license should be valid for the state where the business is located. Avoid using disreputable companies that do not provide proof of insurance and a valid business license. Trust your instincts, and if you are unsure about any company, find another reputable limo service.

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Ensure that the written agreement includes details such as the make, model, year, and plate for each limo rented. Check that information for every limo rented for the wedding. The contract should list all charges (including all surcharges and taxes). The contract should list all services to be provided and all guarantees offered by the company.

Get all of the details in writing. Before you sign a contract, be sure that you are satisfied with your decision. You will spend a lot of money to rent a limo so pay for only what is listed in the rental contract. Don’t let the limo company tack on extra charges. Before signing a rental contract, settle on the exact price and whether you will need to pay extra money to tip the drivers. Ask whether the tip is included in the contracted charges. Make sure that you don’t pay twice for tipping the drivers. Avoid cheap rental prices used to attract customers and bait and switch deals. Sometimes, cheaper prices can lead to substandard service. You want the most value for your contracted price. Generally, you get what you pay for concerning securing a quality limousine service. Protect your investment with a solid written contract. Your wedding day is an important time in your life. Double check important details. To make it memorable, ensure that you receive the best service on this very important day.

Chimney Care and Maintenance: Hot Tips

Most homeowners don’t think about chimney care and maintenance until something is wrong. Creosote buildup is a leading cause for chimney fires. Simple chimney maintenance tasks can alleviate these problems. Tuckpointing is an important chimney maintenance task that people neglect to do. Cracks and breaks in your chimney’s surface can lead to air leakage, water damage, mold, and mildew. If you plan for annual or semi-annual chimney maintenance, you can prevent damage to your chimney, prevent dangerous carbon monoxide fumes, and enjoy your fireplace for many years to come. Cracks in the chimney crown can damage the entire chimney. Cleaning the flue is important. However, it is not the only chimney maintenance task to perform. Spalling mortar, a cracked crown, and chipped bricks, if gone unchecked, can lead to big repair bills up to $3,000. Performing simple repair jobs, such as repairing the cap or crown and replacing broken mortar, will improve your heating bills, and save you money on repair costs. As well, your chimney will remain structurally safe and sound.

Let’s discuss tuckpointing which is the process involving the repair and replacement of mortar in brick surfaces such as brick veneer commonly found on many homes and chimneys. Professional tuck pointers use finely pointed trowels to point or place grooved mortar joints with a fine ridge of mortar, putty, or mortar repair mix. They know how to use the correct tools, mortar mix, and the correct color and style to use. Quickly repairing damaged brick veneer, the cost of the job offsets high heating bills and worth the investment. Inclement weather during all seasons causes the mortar joints to break down, crack, or separate allowing for water damage and mold to grow. Water damage and air leakage are two problems that occur due to lack of proper chimney care and maintenance. Hire a skilled tuckpointing professional to restore your chimney’s brick veneer and prevent water damage. Air leakage causes high utility bills. Breaks in the chimney mortar can lead to drafting, creosote buildup, and dangerous carbon monoxide. Keep your family safe by performing preventive chimney maintenance. Tuckpointing costs run as high as $5 to $20 per square foot.

Consider variants such as labor, materials, size of the job and geographic region. These variants will affect the overall price of the completed job. Before hiring a professional tuck pointer, thoroughly check all referrals. Ask for several estimates and references about previous jobs. Check for certifications and licenses. If you are a skilled DIY homeowner repair guru, fixing your chimney may present some challenges. You will need to climb up on your roof to measure the flu liner so that you can order the correctly sized chimney cap and also to perform any needed maintenance tasks. Safety first, always wear a harness. You will need to use the correct tools and equipment to safely reach the chimney crown from your roof. If the roof pitch is steep, or you don’t like heights, consider hiring a professional tuck pointer to complete the yearly chimney maintenance tasks.

Tips To Find The Best Home Services

Services of home are becoming essential as people do not have enough time or expertise to do it on their own. There a number of people who hire for different home services that would have been done on their own. But the positive side is home services saves a lot of efforts and of course time. Just sitting and calling for a service feels so comfortable and easy. Let’s do it then. Do you need the service? Do you have any work at home which is pending and do not have time to do it? Okay! You must try it. Home services are good enough to help you and sort out your issues in a single call. But the issue is how you can select best and right home service. Of course you cannot trust anyone for it as you will pay dollars which are not easy to earn. A number of choices are available in market, it is difficult to chose from them. So here are some of the tips given below that might help you in availing right service from the right place:

1. Quality Checking

Quality matters a lot. You must check what is the quality of service being offered by the particular company? How you can check quality when you are sitting at your place? It is easy. You can check by asking some questions on call about quality control checks. You can check the level of service by having a visit to their website.  Trying to read some reviews can be a good idea but they should be read from authentic source.

2. Experience Matters

The thing is as much experienced staff they would have the better will be quality of service. So having a close look into their profile can be a good idea. Experienced staff means you are going to have better quality. Check on their site that how long it have been in this service?  Ask their employees how long they have been working in the company whether they are expert or not. It is obvious the one with better experience would know more that how they can deal with various situation and they are able to treat house in a better way.

3. Equipments and Techs.

The latest technology is better. You need to ask them about their equipments. There are a number of things which they would need during working period. Make sure that they have all the required stuff.  Ask service providers about what kind of equipment they will use for particular service and what will be procedure. This will make you sure that whether it is according to your need or not.

4. Customer Reviews

The best way to know is to see reviews given by customers on their facebook or instagram pages (if they have any). Another way is to check it by asking your contacts. Might be possible any of your friend used that service or heard about it. They can help you in best way and you would be able to find right home service easily.